Saturday 30 July 2011


Our trusty colleague Professor Franklin has had a lot to do with making
this shot at least tolerably fit for the internet. The original was very dark,
having been taken in the gathering dusk of a winter’s evening in 1972.
The building on the left is the former offices of Henry Seddon & Sons
in Pepper Street and the road in front of it is the last remnant of that stretch
of Pepper Street which led into the town and joined Lower Street between
Dewhurst Butchers and Vernon Coopers. To the right of the salt works
offices is now the entrance to ‘The Moorings’ and, adjoining them to the
left but out of shot, is the row of cottages which still exist and make up
modern day Pepper Street. The offices weren’t demolished immediately
but had a few year’s stay of execution in the hands of another company.

There's a much earlier view of Seddon's offices in their 1920s heyday here

First published on Facebook on 1st June 2011

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