Sunday 31 July 2011


 Photo:John Page, via Dick Gilbert’s Classic Buses Website.

by David Roberts

Having tried without success to find an actual photo of the famed 'Niddries Biscuit Tin', we've come up with the next best thing, following a tip off from Geraldine Williams. Dick Gilbert's Classic Buses website is a vast collection of photographs and information on buses of all kinds. It may sound odd to be searching out pictures of transport from days gone by, but the pangs of nostalgia you get when you see a picture of the type of bus or train you travelled to school, work etc on are very real. It's like meeting up with an old friend from years ago that you thought you'd forgotten about. As I've said to Dick Gilbert, Middlewich has had quite a few dealings with buses and coaches over the years, with Crosville, North-Western, PMT, Niddries, Byley Coaches and even National Express featuring in the story, so we'll probably be getting back to him in due course to see if we can identify more local buses of the past..
In the meantime, take a look at this bus, which is of the same type as Niddrie's Biscuit Tin.
It's a Morris Z no: TW6936 of 1927. Try to imagine it with NIDDRIES on the side and full of happy schoolchildren all singing the 'Niddries Biscuit Tin Song' (the words of which will be featured here shortly, by the way).
Ann Hough tells us that the NBT was painted blue, incidentally.
And here's a link to Dick Gilbert's fascinating site:

(Note: This link takes you to the vintage
section which contains the Morris Z.
Go to the home page to view the rest
of the site -ed)


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