Wednesday 27 July 2011


Dotted throughout these photographic memories are shots of what I like to call 'Middlewich personalities' (largely for want of a better word) and here's one of them; George Robinson gave me some slides early in the 1970s of himself and his cronies from the dustbin gang (refuse disposal operatives, I mean) messing about in the in the sacred confines of the Council Chamber. Here George wields the Chairman's gavel. Ironically, he actually did become a councillor in later years. For those who have not yet penetrated this Holy of Holies, the window behind George is the back window of the Council Chamber, and the roof glimpsed through it is that of the Civic Hall.

First published on Facebook on 30th May 2011. The original Facebook feedback is below:

    • Jonathan Williams Not sure that's allowed. Mutiny on the Dustcarts?! Sacrilege; and a Dastardly thing to do. Maybe it was Muttley on the Dustcarts ! Wouldn't happen in my time.
      30 May at 11:30 

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