Tuesday 26 July 2011


As promised previously, we're hot on the trail of 'Niddrie's Biscuit Tin', the ancient school bus which used to run  Catholic children from Holmes Chapel and from Cledford to St Mary's School. We've tracked down a source for all the words (both sacred and profane) of the Niddrie's Biscuit Tin Song (we're even taking along some recording apparatus   to capture a performance for posterity in our sound archives) but what we'd really like to know is what this ancient relic actually looked like. The closest we can get, so far, is 'small and rickety, with a bonnet', which sounds more like someone's Grandma than a bus.
What would be ideal, of course, is if someone could come up with a photo of the actual vehicle but, failing that we'd love to see a photo of a bus of the same type. Or can someone make a drawing to help point us in the right direction? 

On Facebook Geraldine Williams said:

According to my guru, if you bring up 'Special Vintage Gallery No 1 (Vol 2), there's a Morris Z TW6936 (Burnham & District) bus which is a dead ringer for Niddrie's Biscuit Tin.

Thanks for that, Geraldine. That  is exactly how I've always imagined 'Niddries Biscuit Tin'. If anyone else wants to take a look, here's a handy link. The photo is the tenth one down.

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