Saturday 16 July 2011


Now It Can Be Told Department: From time to time we have occasion
to take others to task over incorrect captions to photos etc. This, of
course, is never done in order to be critical, but to correct errors which
can creep into the work of the best of us. So now we can reveal that
this slide has been in our Middlewich collection for 38 years labelled
‘Lewin Street 1973’. Why this has never been noticed is a mystery. It’s
Wheelock Street, of course, on the eve of the 1973 Carnival (during
which Mr Richard Devaney memorably donned a kilt). The red and
yellow flag just below the Davies School Of Motoring sign belongs to 
The Middlewich Caledonian Society, reflecting the fact that the town,
as well, of course, as being home to many Irish immigrants and their
descendants, has always had a strong Scottish element.. In my younger 
days there were always several Scottish characters to drink (and argue)
with, including Jock Kiltie, Jock Carlin, Cllr Jock Fallon and everyone’s favourite railway signalman, Jock Myles.
On the extreme right is V.T. Williams Delicatessen.. To its left is the restaurant which has had several names over the years but was, at that time, called 'The Kings Mexon' and further down, beyond the newsagents is Reid's Bakery. The sign at the top of this shop has been changed but the distinctive 'Patisserie' window remains to this day.

First published on Facebook on 27th May 2011. The original Facebook feedback is below:

  • Dave Roberts: Nowadays, of course, there's Chalky White.
    27 May at 15:08 · 

  • Sharon Mather Davies School of Motoring? Is that the same Davies of 'Davies Tropicals' and 'Knit One' fame? I don't remember the school of motoring. Most people used Graham Biddle in my day.
    27 May at 16:20 · 

  • Sherry Hill-Smith LOL! I was just going to say that! (about Chalky)
    27 May at 16:46 · 

  • Stephen Dent Best start calling Chalky Jock White.
    27 May at 16:51 · 

  • Dave Roberts 

    Sharon, that's a very good question. I've never made the connection between the Motoring School and Davies Tropicals/Knit One. Is it a coincidence? Does anyone know? I had driving lessons from the Davies School of Motoring (contrary to what people might think I did learn to drive , but never passed the test. I'm not a nervous person - or wasn't then, at least - but being behind the wheel always gave me the screaming abdabs, and still does. So now I'm in the unusual position of owning a car, but not driving it).

    27 May at 16:53 · 

  • Geraldine Williams I don't think so. It looks like the Tropicals/Knit One shop is the one with the sunblind and the School of Motoring sign seems to be where my Dad once had an electrical shop at No. 66.
    27 May at 17:03 · 

  • Geraldine Williams btw What time of day was this photo taken? It looks as though Wheelock Street should have tumbleweed blowing along it!!
    27 May at 17:05 · 

  • Dave Roberts It was evening, just as the sun was about to go down.
    27 May at 17:06 · 

  • Dave Roberts Jock Myles' real first name was David, and his son, also David, still lives in the town. Like many other youngsters in the 1960s I spent hours in Middlewich Signal Box with Jock helping him signal the vast amount of goods trains which passed along the line then.. I could tell you some stories.And don't think I won't.
    27 May at 18:00 · 

  • Geraldine Williams Two more Burns' Night kilt-wearers : Dr Brown and the late, great Mac Telfer....!
    27 May at 18:03 · 

  • Dave Roberts Ah yes. Dr Brown was another Kings Arms regular and 'Mac' Telfer was universally respected and considered one of our best councillors.
    27 May at 18:08 ·  ·  1 person

  • Dave Roberts Has anyone notice that I've scanned this at a higher resolution than previous slides?
    27 May at 18:40 · 

  • Jonathan Williams 

    Then there was Middlewich Athletic supporter Jock Strap.Ken Davies has been driving me nuts recently so there could be a link..Mac Telfer was Mayor when I was appointed.He rang me for a peptalk before interview:Can ye tape?Yes Mac,I tape thefooty on video,the top 40 of a Sunday afternoon Nooo laddie..Can ye tape...wi a bloody tapewriter! I got the job! And no, I couldn'e bloody tape! Look along this view today...bunting!!A town that knows how to party!27 May at 19:37 ·  ·  1 person

  • Dave Roberts Look at that litter bin. It surely can't have been painted Tangerine. Can it?
    27 May at 21:29 · 

  • Jonathan Williams Possibly: the job lot that George Robinson purloined from a day trip to Blackpool could've stretched that far...we should count ourselves lucky there wasn't enough to paint the Cemetery gates and railings. RIP..welcome to the Gates of....Seville !
    27 May at 21:42 ·  ·  1 person

  • Geraldine Williams I think it's Burnt Umber - aka RUST....!
    27 May at 21:59 · 

  • Ian Murfitt During my brief time working at the cemetery, I painted the railings. The detail in the casting is amazing. Years of painting has reduced the detail to blobs. If there was ever the money I would vote that they were shot blasted to reveal the detail. Have a look when you next time you pass. The blobs are actually flowers.

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