Monday 18 July 2011


When I used to show these slides in public I always described this one as 'a night time shot' - an Instamatic photographer's euphemism for 'an underexposed shot'. A Canoscan scanner and the venerable but still excellent 'Professor Franklin's Photo Effects' have helped a little, but we still have to apologise for the poor quality of this one. It is, of course, The Talbot Hotel in Kinderton Street, which was opposite the Seabank carpark. Other, better slides of the Talbot will follow, but this is included for completeness.
Note that there is a 'road narrows' sign to the right of the picture, indicating that the lower part of Kinderton Street was, at that time, wider than the upper part. In an earlier posting we were speculating on whether or  not Kinderton Street had been widened. The answer seems to be that the upper part was widened, but not by a huge amount; just sufficiently, in fact, to bring it in line with the lower part which connects, via Town Bridge, with St Michael's Way, giving a roadway of more or less uniform width all the way from the Red Lion to the Station Bridge.

    • First published on Facebook on 21st May 2011

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