Saturday 16 July 2011


This picture was first published on Facebook on 24th May. Here's the original description:

One thing that strikes me when looking through these slides is that, although Middlewich, like every other town, has changed over the last forty years, many parts of it remain recognisable. Not so with this particular part of town. Here's a little teaser: Where is this, and what's there now? There's a bit of a clue in the position of the church tower. Perhaps Old Middlewichians who know the answer might like to step aside to see if relative newcomers might be able to work it out?

‎To save your eyes, the sign says: 

Machinists & Overlockers
Full Training For School Leavers
Excellent Working Conditions

The original Facebook feedback is below:

  • Lizzie Rosenfield Is the canal close?
    24 May at 08:50 · 

  • Dave Roberts No. We're nowhere near any canal.
    24 May at 08:51 · 

  • Lizzie Rosenfield i hope these photos and all comments will be made into a book Dave..!
    24 May at 08:53 · 

  • Dave Roberts A very good idea, Liz. Who knows what may happen in the fullness of time?
    24 May at 08:59 · 

  • Peter Cox Is it where Tesco is now ?
    24 May at 09:59 · 

  • Dave Roberts 

    Yes it is. It's F Coupe & Sons Orchard Works at the top of Southway, an offshoot of the Lily Works across the way in St Ann's Road. The slide's dated 1972 and has the optimistic words 'site of proposed superstore' on the back. It was the Co-op which wanted to build this store, but there was much opposition from the Chamber Of Trade. Eventually the Gateway Supermarket was built here, which later became Somerfield and then Tesco.

    24 May at 10:06 · 

  • Dave Roberts I've never noticed this before, but doesn't this building bear a striking resemblance to the Wych Centre, a hundred yards or so to the right  over on Market Field?
    24 May at 10:42 · 

  • Geraldine Williams Hmmmm! Wonder who was one of the driving forces on the Chamber of Trade? Could it be someone you mentioned in earlier dispatches....??!!!
    24 May at 13:40 · 

  • Dave Roberts You may say that. I couldn't possibly comment.
    24 May at 14:08 · 

  • Geraldine Williams lol :-))))
    24 May at 14:14 · 

  • Dave Roberts Ah yes, Prosperity Way is the optimistically named road which leads to the Sewage Works...I mean Water Pollution Control Facility.

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  1. My mother worked at both the Orchard and lilly works in the late 50's early 60's. I remember on several occations when she was working overtime going in to the Lilly works and watching her in a room full of sewing machines.


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