Tuesday 19 July 2011


A brief excursion back to old Kinderton Street today, and to the Talbot Hotel in its final days in 1973.
I always thought of The Talbot as a Victorian pub and probably contemporary with the nearby Boar's Head, although some historians place it earlier, at the end of the eighteenth century.
The landlord, Joe Baddeley, used to drink in the Kings Arms (what you might call a 'busman's holiday') and always struck me as one of nature's gentlemen.
I did hear, also, that my first boss, Herbert 'Bertie' Maddock, the MUDC's rating officer in 1969. lived here in his youth, presumably in the upstairs accomodation. Perhaps he was even born here?
A little path led alongside the wall pictured here and then up some steps to a row of cottages called 'Flag Alley'. I recall delivering  rate demands (produced on our trusty ADREMA machine) here in the early part of my short local government career.
Note the road sign on the pavement next to the building. This indicated that the upper part of Kinderton Street was narrower than the lower part, and gave us, during our investigation of these old pictures, a valuable clue as to the way in which both St Michael's Way and Kinderton Street were developed in the 1970s. See Talbot Hotel 1970

First published on Facebook on 26th May 2011. The original feedback is below:

  • Geraldine Williams Joe Baddeley used to live in Holmes Chapel and had a mobile greengrocery business. One of his favourite jokes when asked if he was well was to reply "No, I am badly!".
    26 May at 15:09 · 

  • Geraldine Williams One of the families in the cottages you mention was the Wilkinson family and one of the sons, Jackie, was a famous footballer (?Arsenal).

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