Wednesday 9 November 2011


It is November 1972 and the crowds are gathered at the newly-completed  'Piazza' in Middlewich Town Centre to take part in the service of re-dedication of the war memorial in its new position close to the Parish Church. Officiating at the service was the Bishop of Chester.
The white trailer with the horn loudspeakers, centre left, is the 1970s version of a Public Address facility (a similar, but smaller version based on a  Volkswagen van, and with separate speakers on stands, can be seen here). This type of set up gave out the kind of sound which was fine for intelligible speech, but made music sound awful.
Nowadays, with the improvements in electronics technology, a simpler set up with an amplifier, mixer and a few microphones (SM58s, naturally) does the same job more cheaply and also sounds much better.
Notice that the final finishing touches to the junction of St Michael's Way and Wheelock Street, and the bus lay-by which was formerly part of Lower Street, are yet to be put in place.

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