Tuesday 29 November 2011


 (Here's one that nearly got away. This photo first appeared in the 'Middlewich Diary' section of the Salt Town Site (the fore-runner to this blog) and was never transferred over when the blog began)

Southway in 1974. Strangely familiar but, on close inspection, very very different. In fact what we know today as Southway - i.e. the row of shops and pleasant paved walkway leading to the 'Tesco' entrance - didn't exist.
Instead, a kind of urban dirt-track led from Wheelock Street to give access to the rear of shops on
either side of the Alhambra (and to the Alhambra itself, of course).
This was the time-honoured way of 'sneaking in' to the cinema, risking the wrath of 'Torchy' the cinema's usher (if that's the right word?)
To the left , today's flower shop appears to have been some kind of factory premises, with a long, galleried window on the first floor*.
Beyond the trees lay a field containing F Coupe's 'Orchard Works' as seen here.
The real Southway - i.e. the footpath from Wheelock Street to St Ann's Road (formerly 'Tannery Alley' seems to have changed very little.
*Actually the 'factory premises' were demolished and replaced by the current hairdressers and florists shops.
See SOUTHWAY 1974 2

(first published on the Salt Town Site June 4th 2011)

Facebook feedback:
Paul Greenwood How weird to see this. The door and window (above it) next to the Mk 1 Capri are the entrance to my flat and the window is halfway up my stairs!!! I'm typing this in a room just above and to the right of that very same window right now!!!!

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