Wednesday 2 November 2011


Postcard courtesy of Jerry Woods
This commercial postcard showing Middlewich town centre a few years ago was sent to us by former White Horse manager Jerry Woods, who now lives in Spain. It's useful for comparison with present day shots of the same area as it shows the area prior to the replacement of the piazza by the Roman amphitheatre (which, as we've learned, took place in April 2005). Dating the postcard exactly is a little difficult and really hinges on one question: when was 'Titles', the video shop which occupied Vernons/Fittons butcher's shop to the right of the picture closed and replaced by the current fast food outlet? This would be a clue as to whether the photo was taken in the late 1990s or the early 2000s
Facebook feedback:
  • Michelle Parsons Didn't Titles come before the video place where 28 is now, and the 24 hr self service video place? Feels like it was a pretty good while back so I'd take a stab at the 90s. Is the Vaults' sign any use as a clue?

  • Dave Roberts Yes, I think you're right, Michelle. I'm thinking late 90s myself. But that Vaults sign seems to change so often I've no idea when it looked like that.

    Andrew Tomlinson:  I think it is early - mid 90s. The yellowish building (which used to be Steve Welles shop) is clearly now a Bargain Booze and the shop further up (next to alley) is my mother's shop Fashion Xtras. Mum left the shop around 1996/7

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