Sunday 20 November 2011


So here we are back once again on Seabank, that curious little offshoot of Kinderton Street which was once the main route from Kinderton to Middlewich. This 1973 shot makes what is now a small length of roadway leading to a couple of cottages look much more like the proper street it must have been many years ago. The cottages on the right hand side of the photograph have now disappeared and, in truth, there isn't a lot to be seen. One of the cottages on the left is now up for sale and could be someone's chance to live in a historic part of town.
The footbridge into Middlewich which we've talked about on several occasions would have begun just about where the small concrete garage is. I wonder if that garage was made by Four Square?
Today, Seabank is thought of more as a car park than anything else.
The real interest in our early 70s slide is in the buildings across the canal and River Croco in Lewin Street and Leadsmithy Street. We've seen them  before in our erratic, zig-zagging tour of the town, and the enlarged section of the photo, below will, I hope, help us get our bearings.

The large building dominating the skyline to the left is the Cof E Infants School, which would be there for at least two more years. Just visible above the now-vanished cottages on the right can be seen the whitewashed front of the unfortunate Town Wharf warehouse building, and in between the two is Middlewich's original fire station.. Note also the rather elegant swan-necked concrete street lamp. A similar lamp in Lawrence Avenue is still in use.

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  1. It was wonderful finding your site and the photograph of Seabank as my aunt and uncle lived in one of the cottages on the right hand side which have now been demolished. This would be when they married around 1948 - Kath


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