Wednesday 16 November 2011


by Dave Roberts

An area of Middlewich which keeps coming back to haunt us all. The Town Wharf, as pictured by Jack Stanier, some time around 1970. Jack was taking colour slides at around the same time as I was, and very often chose the same subjects as I did. So it was quite natural, really, that we should both have been drawn to the Town Wharf, which even in the early 1970s, had obvious potential as a focus for tourism, particularly, of course, with regard to visitors arriving by boat.
For this particular slide Jack made his way down to the end of Seabank. The blue-brick base for the old footbridge we talked about here can be seen to the bottom left.
This is still in existence and I tried to photograph it earlier this year, but the whole area has been over-run by vegetation and it's now almost impossible to see this relic of the past, let alone photograph it.
It has to be said that Jack did have the advantage of a better quality camera than I did, using the 35mm format, and was also blessed with a talent for photography, which I singularly lacked (and still do). Those interested in such things might like to know that Jack's picture was shot on Perutz Peruchrome film, which is one I've never come across before.

Update: Researches on the internet indicate that Perutz film was a brand marketed by the much better known AGFA - ed


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