Wednesday 9 November 2011


When we included in this posting, a photograph of the last chimney at Seddon's Pepper Street Works falling to the ground in 1971, Geraldine Williams noticed the group of buildings blurrily enlarged above in the distant background. What puzzled her was that the White Bear Hotel, the half-timbered end of which can be seen to the right of the cluster of white buildings, looks for all the world as if it is on the far side of Wheelock Street, an illusion brought about by the close proximity of the pub's own outbuildings to the right of it.
Geraldine's query led to another of our bouts of detective work, comparing photos of the buildings in question from different angles, to reach the conclusion we have.
This information was included in the original posting, but we now think it deserves a posting all to itself.
So here goes:
Geraldine Williams Can you identify the white buildings - particularly the timber framed one - for us, please?

It's a little complicated and difficult to explain but in the enlarged section of the picture shown above, the large building on the extreme left is the Dewhurst The Butchers building in Pepper Street, together with the other large building to its rear shown here. The tall buildings to the right of that are actually shops on the opposite side of Wheelock Street.  Below them, but impossible to make out on this blurry enlargement, is the Vaults pub, which was, and is, a low building with a small shallow roof at the 'street' end only. The white buildings to the right of the pub are the two shops, now both hairdressers, which we tracked down as part of our 'Sharon's Cafe' investigation.
To complicate matters, the flat serving the Vaults is situated above these shops and there is an entrance to it leading off Wheelock Street. 
To the right of the two shops the archway giving access to the White Bear's 
car park can just be seen, and the distinctive black and white half-timbered building, centre right, is the White Bear itself.
Finally, to the right of The White Bear are the pub's outbuildings,  known to some as 'Lady Anne's Court'.
The relative positions of the Vaults, the two shops and the White Bear can be seen in the photo below

This, of course, is just my interpretation of what can be seen here. As always I'm open to corrections and additional information - ed.

Geraldine Williams Thank you. It makes perfect sense now. I was thrown by the Dewhurst the Butchers building still standing. I thought the half-timbered building could only be The White Bear but it looked as though it was on the opposite side of Wheelock Street!

Geraldine Williams This is really impressive Dave. All it's short of is a 'You are here' arrow!! And it's good to see that 'Sharon's Cafe' is now immortalised forever......

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