Thursday 30 June 2011


by Dave Roberts

Well at least they seem to for us. Here we are back on our old stamping ground as it 
was in the summer of 1975 (a long, hot summer it was too).

This slide shows the Kinderton Street we know today taking shape (although the scene today has been considerably softened by the planting of numerous trees). Notice the Town Wharf in the background (the whitewashed buildings in the centre of the shot) which, contrary to what you might expect, seems to be in a much smarter and better condition than it is today. Behind the fence, high up on the bank to the right, is the much curtailed Moreton's farm where a new, modern-style and utterly bland and boring farmhouse was built to replace the old one. If, that is, one can replace the irreplaceable.

Facebook Feedback:

Geraldine Williams What I like about all these pictures is the way that the Parish Church sits there benignly over the years, solid as a rock, no matter what mayhem, in the name of progress, is taking place all around it. However, can I just say that after all the angst over the years about demolitions and moving the Cenotaph, etc. it has all been worthwhile because the view of the Church, amphitheatre etc, when seen from St Michael's Way is spectacular and must give a terrific first impression to visitors to the town.

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