Monday 13 June 2011


We're wondering if anyone can help us date this photo which shows The Vaults in more recent times during a commemoration, organised by the Heritage Society and The Sealed Knot Society, of the civil war 'Battles of Middlewich. Although sometimes referred to as a 're-enactment' of the battle(s) the event wasn't really anything of the sort. The Battles of Middlewich were fought in the streets and around the Parish Church and Newton Hall areas and a re-enactment would have been very problematic. So a parade and demonstration of civil war drill and musketry technique was staged instead. Perhaps someone from the Heritage Society can enlighten us as to the date of this event?

On Facebook Jonathan Williams commented: It was (Former Town Mayor) 'Dame' Anna Usherwood's birthday that day and it was a significant one so through the wonder (or nosiness!) of FB, I would guess at 2nd October 1993, about 3pm !! Maybe 'intrusion' is a better word but never mind. It was a Saturday and it was raining a bit ! Anna had a lovely birthday party later on, you will be pleased to learn.
Dave Roberts said...
Thanks Jonathan. Just goes to show that it's not what you know...
On Facebook, Geraldine Williams said: I remember that day well and the spectacle of the Sealed Knot militia marching down Wheelock Street. Unfortunately there were many parked cars scattered about which spoilt the effect a bit but nevertheless it was a great event for Middlewich. We look forward to Holly Holy Day in Nantwich in January each year when the re-enactment of Battle of Nantwich takes place and the procession down from Malbank to the town centre is awesome - the only sounds being the beat of drums and and shouts of loyalty from the soldiers. I have to confess to being a sad person who has to stand outside The Crown Hotel to watch the procession pass because it's a black and white building and seems to be more in keeping (I know it's the wrong era but hey-ho!).
Dave Roberts said...
A great event indeed. I was there with my trusty tape-recorder, as was (and is) my wont on these occasions and interviewed the man playing the part of Sir Thomas Aston. He was 'in the moment' and, rather unnervingly, seemed to think he truly was Sir Thomas. He was very vehement in his contempt for the opposing side and I think, if one of them had approached he would have shot him on the spot. A good job they don't use real ammo. Another memory of the day was of a dog who happened to be standing near to some 'soldiers' in the Churchyard who were there to demonstrate the firing of muskets. As soon as the guns went off, so did the unfortunate dog, racing off up Queen Street at about 200 miles an hour. I don't know if the poor brute was ever seen or heard of again .

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