Friday 10 June 2011


Today we’re definitely taking Messrs Curzon and Hurley, authors of 
‘Middlewich’ (Images of England series Tempus Publishing 2005), to task for
 their assertion, in a caption to a picture showing Dewhurst The Butcher and its
associated buildings that ‘the wasteground here would soon be filled by a
modern pub called ‘The Vaults’’. Not so. The pub was there all along,
squeezed between Dewhursts and Johnsons The Cleaners (now a ladies
hairdresser). The current Vaults car park and smoking area are on the waste
ground created when the  Dewhurst building was demolished. As we’ve 
pointed out before ‘The Vaults’ (formerly ‘Brown’s Vaults’) is considerably
older than many think, and certainly older than it looks. In this 1974 view the 
old ‘shop front’ where the Vaults off-licence was has gone and the pub is beginning
to take on something of its present day appearance.

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