Friday 10 June 2011


It’s 1970 and we’re standing at the very bottom of Dierden’s 
Terrace and looking along Lower Street towards the Town
Bridge. On the left is Vernon Coopers TV, radio and electrical 
shop. The first floor window on the front of the shop betrays
its origins as the former Black Bear Inn. 1970 is a World Cup
year and Vernon Cooper has stocks of colour TVs to watch 
all the games on. The box-like shape towards the top right is
the end of a canopy which once stretched all the way along 
the ‘Co-op Superstore’ (now Tesco Express and ‘Pineland’
 - we are, of course, at the ‘Pineland’ end). The war mem-
orial is still in place and the rear of the Town Hall can be 
seen to the left of it. In the distance, and to the left of the
Town Hall we can just make out the long, low building of
 JayGee Fireplaces , immediately adjacent to the Town Bridge.
 This is now Town Bridge Estate Agents. 


  1. When this photo was first published on Facebook,
    Geraldine Williams said:

    There was a building in the recessed area between the Cenotaph and the Town Hall where the Middlewich Young Conservatives used to meet.

  2. Further along the row from Vernon Coopers is Harold Woodbine's shop, plying a similar trade. I still remember the excitement when I called in to order a record album in 1963 (actually, we didn't call them 'albums', we called them L.P.'s) The record seemed to take weeks and weeks to arrive but when it did, I played it until the grooves were white with wear. It was 'With The Beatles' (the mono pressing, of course). A year earlier my eldest brother, Glynn, had brought home 'Love Me Do'. The perfect ending to this story would be for me to say that I thought this early 'waxing' was great, but I didn't. I thought it was boring. By the following year I'd obviously changed my mind about this Liverpool beat combo. (original comment from Facebook)


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