Saturday 11 June 2011


This slide is so badly damaged as to be almost unusable,but it’s included because, like the others, it has a tale to tell. It’s the  ‘Urban District Of Middlewich’ road sign from King Street photographed in 1972 when the old MUDC had just two years to go before being 
absorbed into the District of Daneborough (Congleton to you and me).
The sign has a very passable picture of the Parish church on the left and two ‘Middlewich Witches’ top left and top right
And that’s where the sign hit problems when some people complained that the sign showed the left hand witch ‘flying over the Church’. Someone took it upon him/herself to paint out the witches, and you can just make out the marks where they’ve been re-instated.The words‘superstitious nonsense’ spring to mind.. The ‘Middlewich Witch’ thing is a simple pun on the similarity between the words ‘wych’ (or ‘wyche’) and ‘witch’, and nothing more.

(originally published on The Salt Town Site)

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