Tuesday 14 June 2011


If you've been following this series of slides on Facebook since the beginning, you'll know that today we're right back where we started at Moreton's farm house on the corner of King Street and Kinderton Street. It's official name was Pool Head Farmhouse and it was thought to have dated back to the 17th century. No demolished building in Middlewich has been so lamented. The farmhouse stands more or less where the traffic island at the end of the present King Street formation is now and, stretching away down towards the Talbot Hotel on the right hand side of Kinderton Street are various houses and shops including Whittaker's and Costello's. It's just possible to make out that the windows of Whittaker's are boarded up in this view. Costello's lasted a little while longer
This photograph is similar to this one which was taken a few years earlier, before that ugly road sign was plonked outside the house to show motorists the way to Northwich, Chester and North Wales.


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