Thursday 30 June 2011


Photo: Middlewich Heritage Society

As part of our policy of linking up with as many local organisations as possible to promote the study of Middlewich history and heritage, here's another obvious link to make - the Middlewich Heritage Society


I have a particularly soft spot for the society, not least because I was one of its founders, back in 1985, with my then wife, Anita, and Ian and Margaret McQueen. I was also, for quite a few years, editor of the 'MHS Newsletter' where I did very much the same thing as I'm doing now - publishing photos of items of interest to Middlewich people with my own ( admittedly, sometimes, idiosyncratic) commentary on them. The difference in the technology used then and now is, of course, immense and, I don't think, requires a lot more comment. Suffice it to say that the days of cutting and pasting (literally) material for photocopying, and typing on an old, ex-ERF Imperial typewriter are long gone. The other difference, of course is in the method of distribution. We now have the power to distribute material world-wide at the touch of a button. I very much hope that everyone concerned in promoting Middlewich , past and present, will want to link up with us. As this never-ending series continues, I'll be re-visiting some of those early 'MHS Newsletters' and finding out what's changed, for better or worse - Dave Roberts

Facebook Feedback

Jude Kelly Is that the Kings Lock I spy? Where, thanks to Lizzie Rosenfield and Co, I began to build up my confidence to start singing again three years ago? Great pub!!

Dave Roberts Quite right, Jude. That's the place. Now under new management and being run by Simon Affleck with assistance from Josie Hewitt. They plan to re-introduce food as soon as possible. We wish them every success.

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