Saturday 18 June 2011


by Dave Roberts

One of those unregarded and unloved buildings around the periphery of Middlewich which, nonetheless, are part of our social history. This one was on the corner of Hayhurst Avenue and Eaton Drive and close to the southernmost entrance to Rolt Crescent. Many people who have lived in the area remember it as simply 'Green's'. It was also, at one time, called 'Round The Clock'.

By the time of our photograph, which we've labelled '1990s' but could just have been taken in the early 2000s, it had closed down (very suddenly, without warning, and leaving its many local customers in the lurch). Sadly, like many such empty buildings it became the haunt of the type of brain-dead moron which infests this and every other town and they eventually managed to set it on fire, leading to its demolition. A couple of houses now occupy the site.

The demise of these local shops is a great pity (though the Poplar Stores in Poplar Drive, for one, seems to be thriving). They provided a great service for those willing to pay a little more and not have to trek into the town for bits and pieces. We lived opposite this shop for a year and used it as the ultimate Convenience Store. How nice to be able to nip across the road for a few cans of beer whenever you need to. This is comfort indeed!


  1. On Facebook Geraldine Williams said:
    Yes, it was certainly our convenience store when we moved to Hayhurst Avenue in the early 1970s. We always knew it as 'Green's' (the owners' name - not the outside colour!).

  2. In those days, of course, Eaton Drive didn't exist. There was a large field next to the shop, with a path which wandered off down to the Flea Lane canal bridge. I wonder if the Hayhurst Avenue part of this path was also known as 'Flea Lane'?
    A few seconds ago · (comment from Facebook)

  3. On Facebook Geraldine Williams said:

    I hadn't heard of Flea Lane canal bridge so I don't know but I can see why they didn't incorporate the name into the new housing!

  4. wow this brings back some old memories. i lived next door to the shop at 82 hayhust ave. they were lovely people mr & mr Green. i have never been back for many years and beleive it has changed loads..


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